“We are from Heishui City。”Lu Menglin casually fabricated a history,Said。

Heishui City is adjacent to Sandstorm City,On the edge of the desert,Compared to being slightly closer to the border。
Lu Menglin is considering,If you tell people,The two of them came from Sandstorm City,And across the desert,It’s too shocking to the world。
The soldiers at the gate did not embarrass them,It’s just a routine registration,Swipe,The two of Heishuicheng enter the chaos circle,Nothing more。
but,The two have just entered the city gate,Just walked a few steps,I heard the sound of footsteps all around。
A few sturdy men surrounded,Surrounded the two。
Lu Menglin calmly,Watch the changes。
Hu Lin seemed a little disapproving。
“What do you want to do?”Hu Lin shouted sharply。
As long as you enter the circle of confusion,She has confidence。Because as long as you enter the city,You can always find industries related to the Hu family,As long as you show your identity,No one can touch her。
Among those strong men,Among them is a middle-aged man with a moustache,I walked and swayed three times,Full of scorn。
Hu hehe smiled:“I heard that you are from Heishui City?”
“none of your business?”Hu Lin choked。
Hu Jiang’s face sank,Grinned:“Heishui City is here,Hundreds of kilometers of desert,The two of you bare-handed,Don’t even bring weapons,How could it be possible?I think you are spies from Tie Qin Guo!”