Although I didn’t do it myself,But since Lee·Iacocca found the door,Chen Geng cannot be counseled!Face the aggressive Li·Alcoca,Chen Geng smiled,Honestly、Lazy way:“Oh?It’s just that the call in the customer service center was blown?No car owner went to your company’s door to block the door、Protest demonstration?”

Lee·Iacocca was blocked by Chen Geng’s words and didn’t come up.!
Not waiting for Li·Iacocca opening,Chen Geng continued:“Lee,We have known each other for a while,What did i do,Will give you a seed‘After I was bullied, I just hid on the side and cried and called mother’a feeling of?Since you did the first grade,Then don’t blame me for doing fifteen,Is there something wrong with this?”
Resist the urge to vomit blood,Lee·Iacocca gritted his teeth bitterly:“it is good!it is good!Fernandez,But I underestimated you……”
“It’s not you who underestimated me,You provoke someone who shouldn’t be provoke!”Interrupt Lee·Words from Iacocca,Chen Geng’s honest and unkind way:“As a nostalgia for the old friendship,Old friend,I remind you,My method is more than that,You have the skill to grind your teeth with me,I might as well think about how to deal with my next combination punch……Ok,Solemnly tell you:There is not much time left for you。”
Anyway, with myself and Li·The tension in the relationship between Iacocca,No matter how you explain,Lee·Iacocca will not believe that this matter has nothing to do with him——And this matter is related to myself——In that case,Chen Geng feels that there is no need to explain。
But these words of Chen Geng,Li·Iacocca was scared,He was shocked,Asked quickly:“Fernandez,what are you going to do?”
Chen Geng asked back:“What should I do,Do you think i will tell you?!”
This tone,It’s like saying“Alcoca,You are stupid?”
Lee·Alacocca is nothing,He just thought he was going crazy by Chen Geng。
First411chapter Single spark
Since I don’t do anything to Chrysler,,Chrysler will also do it on itself,Then there is nothing to hesitate,“indecisive”These four words have never appeared in Chen Geng’s dictionary,He immediately added Jack·Welch recruited,Discuss countermeasures。
“Talk about,What’s your next thought?”Did not greet him,Jack·As soon as Welch arrives,Chen Geng asked him directly——Since he Jack·Welch already knew that the next battle with Chrysler was inevitable,Chen Geng doesn’t believe that he never thought about how to fight this battle。