If you really are a ranger Wuhao,Framed by an adulterer,Lost a good future,Wanted by God City,Friends Huang Shaotian and Liu Wenzhang are all wanted criminals,The idea of the three of course is based on their own strength,Take back what belongs to you。

It’s a pity that Lu Menglin didn’t really think like this,Maybe he wants more。
“Besides,I want to avenge the dead brothers in the Black Blood Cavalry Guard!”Lu Menglin said calmly。
When the three of them escaped from God City,Those black blood guards wanted to cover them,Heavy casualties,They can be regarded as being betrayed for no reason by the Six Princes,Very innocent involved in the assassination plan of the Ning Palace,Killed for nothing。
With Wuhao’s temper,Thinking about revenge for them,It’s reasonable。
Princess Huanhai nodded,Not surprised by Wu Hao’s answer,Rather respectful。
In the upper class society,A passionate man like this,It’s rare。
“Brother Wu,You only know one,I don’t know the other。Seed Tournament,It’s not as simple as you think。”Princess Fantasy Sea sighed quietly。
Lu Menglin’s heart moved slightly,Raise eyebrows:“What do you mean?”
Princess Fantasy Sea laughed:“You think,The reward of the seed contest is a superb weapon,Then there is another chance to merge the gods?In fact, after winning the seed race,,The most important reward,Not at all!As for the so-called pardon crime,Not worth mentioning。”
“what is that?”Lu Menglin stunned。
He was really surprised,thought,Win the seed race,You can get the magic weapon,Improve your strength through the fusion of magic weapons,Secondly, you can return to the vision of the high level of God City,Up for sale,And Lu Menglin and the others have the background of Bairimen,There is a lot more room for cooperation with all forces in God City。