Chen Geng smiled:“This kind of thing,Do you think i would be kidding?”

Cameron, stop talking,indeed,Mr. Fernandez is indeed unlikely to make jokes about this kind of thing.,In other words……
Cameron’s heart began to throb。
Licked lips,Cameron asked:“Who are you going to invite?”
Oneself、Arnold、Linda et al《Terminator2》The group of people must be in the invitation,For this,Cameron has no doubts,Not only China has“Near the water”This statement,Same in the U.S.,Have resources,Who didn’t give it to yourself first、Where’s someone close?He is just curious,Besides myself,Who else is Mr. Fernandez going to invite?
“We need to negotiate with the Soviet Union,See who they are going to invite,But except you、Arnold、Linda、Bruce、Harrison、Spielberg、Lucas, these must be invited,As for the others,I am not going to blend,”Chen Geng didn’t hide it from him,Said:“I hope you will choose an actor in Hollywood——of course,Washington’s attitude also suggests that you consider carefully。”
Although this is nominally the last folk cultural and film exchange,But the fool also understands that it is impossible“folk”,Washington will definitely attach great importance to this cultural exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union,Maybe I plan to take the opportunity to do something……
Cameron was surprised:“You do not participate in the preparation of the exchange group?”
He thought that Chen Geng would not only participate in the preparations for this cultural exchange group,Even have to point fingers at the specific list of personnel。
“Participate in preparations?”Chen Geng smiled and shook his head:“I don’t have that time?But if you want to get involved,I can recommend you to be the deputy head of this exchange group,Ok,Serving as one of the main persons in charge of the preparatory committee。”
No time is true or false,To say busy,Chen Geng is really busy,But if Chen Geng really intends to get involved in the preparations of this cultural exchange group,It’s not that you can’t squeeze time,But the point is that Chen Geng does not want to、Unwilling。
Anyone can think of,If you can squeeze into this cultural exchange group,To some extent, it also represents his position in Hollywood culture.、Identity,In that case,Who think they are、Celebrity,There are a few who don’t want to come in?All want to come in,Everyone’s identity、Same status,But the number of delegations must be limited,When it comes time to let anyone in and not let in sleep, it becomes a headache,Especially for a guy like Chen Geng who is a confidant all over Hollywood,It’s even more headache,So this kind of thankless thing should make others a headache,I won’t mix up。
Not participating in Chen Geng、Reasons for not blending,Cameron knew a little bit,Smile in his heart:Your magical Fernandez also has a headache one day?
Smile secretly,For this“Deputy Head and Head of the Preparatory Committee”Title,He is still very greedy,Da Laomei doesn’t know what modesty is,Since my heart beats,Cameron is not welcome,Nod:“it is good,I did,But I still think you’d better……”
“do not,”Before Cameron finishes,Chen Geng hurriedly waved:“I am going to the Soviet Union now。”
“You are going to the Soviet Union?”“Ok,”Chen Geng nodded:“Have a big deal to discuss。”
Cameron knew that Chen Geng had a big deal in the Soviet Union,Now listen to Chen Geng’s own use“Big business”To describe what he was going to handle in the Soviet Union,His eyes widened suddenly:To make Mr. Fernandez admit it himself“Big business”Business,How big is that?
Dare not delay Chen Geng’s business,Cameron nodded hurriedly:“That’s a pity……Don’t worry about the delegation。”