The sixth club is still as usual,In other words, there are more people patrolling each other,Other as usual。

A dark shadow looks at the union not far away under the shade of the tree,In the independent villa inside,Lin Laosan was so bored in bed,Next to his dog legs。
“Made,so boring,Go find me a girl,Let him vent his fire!”
“Third brother,Second brother ordered,To keep you from messing up things this time。”
Lin Laosan frowned,Qi Chong was made like that by him,I guess I don’t even dare to leave the door,What’s so scary。
“rest assured,You hurry up to arrange,I am responsible for something,Afraid of!”
“Ok,Brother 3, rest first,I’ll make arrangements for you。”
Only Mr. Lin left in the room,When I thought that he was about to become the first team of the union,Happy,Eyes closed,Humming!
After half a stick of incense,Door open,Lin Laosan is still lying on the bed,Enjoying with eyes closed。
“Made,How come,Hurry up and give me a good massage。”
Laosan Lin thought she was here,So directly ordered。
But waited a while,That woman didn’t go to bed,Lin Laosan opened his eyes,Show anger。
“what happened,Don’t want to live anymore……what,You you are……”
Just finished scolding,When looking at the door,No lady at all,But the face he can’t believe。
This,It’s impossible for him!
“so surprised?”
Xia Chenglong’s low voice sounded,As if the scariest existence in this world。
The news I got in the afternoon was to die in flames,But I saw the real person again at night。
“you,You are a man or a ghost?”
“We had no grievances,But since you are coming to mess with me,Then no wonder me!”