therefore,In ancient malaysia,All found meteorite iron must be handed over to the country,Then the king dedicated it to the sword maker。

At that time,The swordsmiths of ancient Malaysia were well paid,Respected as a national teacher,Lifelong,Give land,And can accept salary hereditary。
Later with China、Steel import from Persia and other places,In addition, a small amount of iron ore has been discovered in Malay,Therefore, the swordsmith began to add other steels in the forging sword,But still use some meteorite iron to ensure the quality of the sword。
In other words,This sword,Actually it was cast later,Only a small part is meteorite。
Get!Listen to Brother Hu’s explanation,Everyone understands。
Lao Su He Ranran was not disappointed,Nearly ten million worth,In their view,Already satisfied。Lao Su played antiques for so long,Also tried to pick up leaks,Collected some treasures。
but,Never more than five million,Not even more than three million。
It can be said,This one,It’s him all these years,The most valuable piece ever,What’s not satisfied?Those tens of millions of expensive swords,He doesn’t expect,Know that’s so rare。
“Xiao Hu,How can you tell at a glance that it is a Malay Kris sword?”in fact,Old Su is more curious about this。
Hu Yang explained:“See the pattern on this?The Malay Kris sword has an important feature,Is the pattern on the surface,This pattern is different from the Damascus pattern,It’s not available to any metal other than meteorite。It is made of various components of metal after delicate and repeated folding and forging.,Presents a pattern similar to the veins of a plant。”
“Is that,It’s impossible to get it out now?Not difficult?Current technology。”Someone spoke in the live broadcast room。
Hu Yang pays attention to the live room,See this kind of speech,Then said:“of course,Can’t rely solely on patterns,It is concluded that it is a Malay Klis sword。
we,Still depends on its age。As long as the age is right,And have this characteristic,Plus meteorite iron,Then you can basically conclude,It is the lost miracle,The legendary Malay Kris sword。”