Although Chen Geng just sat there,Gentle expression、Even with a smile or two,Said nothing,But the shadow of the famous tree,Let alone this is a small20Billion investment,If this project can be,This is the largest single investment project introduced by Bashu Province since the founding of the People’s Republic of China,For this project to be successfully implemented,The boss of the two teams in the province has repeatedly emphasized it in various conferences.,This is a political task,Who dares to set a stumbling block on this project、Take advantage of,Who is the enemy of the hundreds of millions of Bashu people,Must be knocked to the ground,The kind that is never merciless。

Stress all day,Everyone is under a lot of pressure。
A little bit,Chen Geng continued:“Your sincerity is full,I have nothing to say,I will make two more requests。”
“You say,No matter what your requirements,We can all discuss。”Mr. Zhang hurriedly said,,As long as Chen Geng is willing to put the project in Bashu,Everything else is easy to say,Any conditions can be discussed。
“In order to meet the needs of this chemical base for the transportation of raw materials and finished products,Can we connect a railway to our factory?”Chen Geng asked:“I took a look,It seems that the nearest railway station is less than10Kilometer,The nearest train station to the No. 3 plot seems to be less than15Kilometer。”
Without waiting for Chen Geng to finish,The leaders of Bashu Province collectively patted their foreheads:Why did you forget this??Such a big base,It is indeed necessary to specifically intervene in a special railway line!
After the entire base is built,Annual Urea Production50Ten thousand tons,Annual production of ammonia29.5Ten thousand tons,This is approximately8010,000 tons of finished products,Besides,Need more various raw materials、The most important raw material is coal,Calculate these,The annual throughput of various finished products and raw materials at this base alone is not lower than200Ten thousand tons。
And the load capacity of a truck5000to6000Ton,This means that a fully loaded train is required to enter or leave the project base almost every day,If you rely solely on the car,Can’t meet the corresponding transportation requirements at all。
“no problem!This is absolutely no problem!”Mr. Zhang said immediately:“Don’t worry about railway problems,I am in Prachuap Khiri Khan ProvinceZAssure you in the name of the person in charge of the government,There will never be any problems。”
“Thank you so much,”Chen Geng nodded to Mr. Zhang:“As for the second condition,Considering that a considerable part of the products need to take the water route,We want to build a self-provided dock in a suitable place,Then repair a kilometer from the factory to the dock,do not know……”Peerless Tangmen fo
“This is fine!”Mr. Zhang once again agreed without saying a word。
Although Chen Geng only talked about building his own wharf and road,But after the road is repaired,Is it not allowed to be used by residents on both sides of the highway??As for the dock,After the dock is repaired, of course, priority should be given to meeting the needs of the chemical base,But while meeting the needs of the chemical base,If there is remaining loading and unloading capacity,Can it also be used locally?Plus there are convenient roads,So come and go,The economy of a whole area nearby has been revitalized。
Mr. Zhang said immediately:“Whether it’s a pier or a road,The province and the mountain city will give as much support as possible……Mr. Chen,Can i make a request?”
“You say。”Chen Geng nodded。
“At the beginning of the design of this pier,Can you relax the design margin appropriately?”
“……”Chen Geng blinked:“what do you mean,When conditions permit,Appropriate support for local development?”
“Yep,That’s what I mean,”Speaking of which,Mr. Zhang seems a little embarrassed:“Mr. Chen,You also know,Our Bashu side is located inland,Economic development is more difficult,If we can fully play the role of this terminal,In addition to the substitute work of your chemical base,The economy of hundreds of kilometers around can be driven。”
“I understand,”Chen Geng nodded,He didn’t sell it,Refreshing way:“Able to develop harmoniously with the place,It’s something I would love to see……How about this,The location of the dock is selected by both of us,The construction of the entire wharf is divided into three construction periods,As long as the first phase is for our base to use,With the development of the surrounding economy and changes in the throughput of the terminal,We will choose the opportunity to build the second phase、Phase III terminal,The key is that the surrounding land needs to be well planned,Don’t want to expand the pier then there will be no place,What do you think?”
how about it?