“You better think clearly!”

Qu Tian lifted his palm,Xiang Chen’s voice also sounded at the same time。
As early as when Xiang Chen and the Long group appeared,Li Futang dismissed other insignificant people,So that now Li Futang wants to find someone to ask,How did Xiang Chen catch Long San and Long Si,No one answered him。
“Although I heard that my skills have deteriorated,But I have to admit,This child exudes the fighting spirit of not losing Qu Lao,What a terrible battle memory!”
The shadow sighed beside Li Futang,He gave Li Futang an explanation,As for Li Zhaoxing and others,They have become servants,Not qualified to speak。
“The reason for dispelling other insignificant people,Leave you behind,Just want to let you know,Our Li family is very big,Also very strong,But for some people,It’s just a piece of cake that can be swallowed。You are all the main members of my Li family,After i’m gone,The Li family depends on you!”
Li Futang didn’t look back,The tone is full of sighing loneliness。
“Look at these pictures in front of you,Like a farce,But you have to know,I bought this farce for the death of the Li family,Otherwise, what is waiting for you is only in name。So in the future we have to stay in the simple,Try to do something practical,Don’t be because of the thing in the crotch,I’m making such a big grievance again!”
The crutches in Li Futang’s hand are squeezed on the ground, neither light nor heavy,But it shocked Li to carry Li。Because of this,Caused the so-called Patriarch to sit unsteadily。
The people behind Li Futang were silent,And Li Futang and Shadow also watched silently,If you read it right,First win,Will be separated soon。
Qu Tianyi held Mo Mo in one hand,Not a lot of time is lost,But Mo Mo in the hands of Qu Tianyi should have lost his combat effectiveness。
“Want to exchange hostages?Are you qualified?”
Qu Tianyi looked at Xiang Chen,A trace of contempt leaked on his face。
No matter how powerful the young eagle is, he is a young after all!Fight with the old hunter,evenwww.zhenchengsh.I’m not qualified to weigh myself。
“Do not make jokes!”