“Let these innocent people go,They are as pitiful as you!Take me hostage,Burned a detachment leader,Far more trouble than burning to death a few innocent poor。”

&;Han Yuxiang seriously advises Shen Congxin,Shen Congxin thinks a little bit,Feel feasible!
Actually, Shen Congxin doesn’t want to hurt the innocent,Since this beautiful policewoman in front of me is willing to die generously,Why not Shen Congxin??
Let go of all the hostages,Shen Congxin is not in a hurry,It seems to be waiting for something。
During the period, Korean Xiang wanted to talk to Shen Congxin several times,Shen Congxin didn’t care at all。
Until the countless crowds have gathered outside the community,And some long and short shots,Shen Congxin was relieved。
Knowing that some of the photographers surrounding themselves are being impersonated,But Shen Congxin still let them get close to him,Just before a safe distance,Stop letting them get closer。
Facing the camera, Shen Congxin began to narrate his life experience,From an ordinary citizen to the head of the arsonist。
at the same time,Xiang Chen only left Yan Jun behind。
Watching Xiang Chen walk into the evil back,Yan Jun only feels that Xiang Chen in the analysis of Korean Xiang is not wrong,Under the icy appearance,Xiang Chen really hides a warm heart,All this is based on the fact that Yan Jun doesn’t know Xiang Chen’s inner thoughts。
Walk alone to a community full of flames,Xiang Chen feels a little regretful,But since the one caught inside is Korean Xiang,More or less friends,I can’t stand by。
It’s easy to get into a community like the sea of fire,Those videographers not far away,Just look at the back of their hands,Xiang Chen knew they were all Lianjiazi。
Quietly approaching Han Yuxiang and Shen Congxin who kidnapped her hostage,By short observation,not difficult to see,Xiang Chen wants to subdue him although it takes some risks,But not without chance。But Xiang Chen soon figured it out again,Korean Xiang is not himself,I may have a chance,Korean Xiang is afraid to take risks。
When Xiang Chen walked in,It happened to be when Shen Congxin was most excited。
“Look at the smelly ditch around here?There is a sunny shore?Where is the creek pavilion?All the fucking lie,Just lie to us stupid people!I finally saved money、Borrow money,Bought a house,Lost!I don’t blame anyone,I only blame myself for bad luck,But why I worked so hard to save money,The house I bought is missing this look?Let’s not talk about the leakage,Now you guys take a look,They didn’t even do the most basic fire protection!Tofu residue project!”
Shen Cong’s new face has been blackened by heavy smoke,Even though he shed tears when talking,There is no way to clean the ashes on his face。
There is a thick mist on the glasses,But can you see the movements of people around you clearly?,Shen Congxin doesn’t care much now。