Xiaoxiao asked Populus again:“Brother Hu,Is Pu’er tea as long as possible?”

Populus euphratica shook his head slightly:“In theory,But the premise is good storage conditions,The tea itself is of good quality。otherwise,The longer,Worse。”
Pu’er tea is not as old as possible,Only qualified products under proper storage conditions,Within a certain period of time, the quality of tea“it is good“Direction conversion。
If a tea product fails to meet the quality standard at first,Or improper storage later,No matter how long it takes,Tea quality will not be good,In addition, some illegal vendors in the Pu’er tea market make a lot of fakes。
The main method of counterfeiting is to speed up the aging of raw tea with wet storage.,Made the so-called“Aged tea“。Or make the tea packaging old,To show oldness。Identifying the authenticity and quality of aged Pu’er tea is extremely difficult for ordinary consumers。
Xiaoxiao has that idea,Not strange at all。Now everyone is concerned about Pu’er tea,Especially the demand for Pu’er tea and old tea is increasing,Tibetan tea collectors are proud of owning old tea,Most people think,Pu’er tea is better with age。
The owner of the tea shop,Understand this is an expert。
“Little brother,Listen to you,I knew I was an expert。Row,Good stuff in my shop,Show you all。”Talking,The boss showed all the old Pu’er tea in his shop。
The longest,Thirty years,Of course the price is quite eye-catching。
Hu Yang observed for a while,Know the boss is not cheating,All Chen Cha。
New Pu’er tea looks fresher in color,Mostly yellow-green,With Pekoe,And the taste is strong;After a long period of oxidation,The tea leaves will be red in appearance,Pekoe also turned yellowish brown。
Populus euphratica eyes on one of the plates,The wrapping paper has turned yellow,And the writing on it is a bit unclear。
“What year is this plate?Can’t see clearly,How much is the price?”Hu Yang asked。
The boss frowned,This plate was left by the owner of this store before,He didn’t pay much attention。In fact,This shop,He hasn’t been in business for a year。
“Ok!I can’t see the words clearly,Looks a bit old。How about this!If you want,I will treat it as ten years for you。”
Mainly he can’t tell what year it is,Plus the content on the wrapping paper has been blurred,can not see clearly,This also affects the value of tea,Some people may dislike it。
Just like a pair of famous brand shoes,The shoe’s brand logo has been removed,I’m afraid everyone will quit?That for many people,Is a very important thing。
The boss thinks it must be more than ten years,But I am afraid that Hu Yang and others will dislike it,Only said that they will be sold for ten years。
Ten years?