Wow——It’s too spicy,Willow’s forehead is hot with fine and dense sweat,Pink Dudu’s mouth was also turned into a delicate red,Tongue sticking out while pulling the shell,Keep shouting spicy,Keep stuffing your mouth,Keeping eyes on that plate of crayfish,There is no meaning to eat less。

Chapter Seventy Seven Apologize half-truth
Huo Yunhe when she first shouted spicy,I have poured a cold beer and handed it to her,“Eat slowly,Have a cold beer,Anti-spicy。”
Willow is so spicy that my face is flushed,He said thank you slurly,Little pink tongue out,Turned around,Very tempting-people。
Huo Yunhe’s eyes darkened,Heartbeat stopped for half a beat,Does the little woman know her unconscious movements,It’s easy to get out of control!
I really want to hug the lady,Lure that one-Human little mouth in the mouth,Have a good taste。
Yangliu has only mouth-watering food in his eyes,Didn’t notice Huo Yun and his unnatural face at all,Took the beer and drank it,The cold beer flows down the esophagus into the stomach,The hot feeling was suppressed,So comfortable!
A woman who eats happily is very generous,Forgot that the opposite is her boss,Is the one she carefully avoided。
Don’t waste such delicious stuff,Put the empty glass in front of him,“Continued Cup,You drive,Don’t drink anymore,Safety first。”
Huo Yunhe didn’t want to drink,Both bottles of beer are for Yangliu,“Ok,you are right,Do not drink while driving,Drink without driving,This is a rule that good citizens who obey the law should abide by,You eat with me,I will send you home safely,I asked you for beer,If not enough, order a few more bottles?”
First date,It stands to reason that you should not drink girl wine,But after Huo Yunhe discovered that Yang Liu had a drink,,Seems to let go,Less restrained and careful,Become bold and atmospheric,Feel like a hero,interesting。
Yangliu likes to drink,But she can’t flatter her drinking,I just think it’s such a good food without a drink and something is missing。
Half a bottle of beer,I feel slightly drunk,Speak without scruples,Said half jokingly and half seriously:“Mr. Huo,You are not kind,I am a girl,How can you persuade me to drink?Don’t you want me to eat anymore?still you.No attempt?”
Huo Yunhe saw her drinking,I thought she was drinking well,Who is so confused so soon?。
But she is sober,Speak organized,If not for the dumb look,And slow motion,Thought she was normal。
Red cheeks,Hesitating attitude,How cute you look,Huo Yunhe has no idea,That’s a nonsense,If it’s the first time, do something,Isn’t that taking advantage of others??
Such a stale thing,He can’t do it yet。
“Miss Yang,You think too much,I just think you didn’t drink well,Invite girls to dinner,If you don’t please the girl,Not a gentleman。”