Someone yelled immediately:“Hey!what are you doing?Hooligans!”

The passersby who were stopped by the girl just now also glared at the fat man。
It’s too much,Not even the deaf little sister!Where is this beast!Many people think so。
Wang Shaoxiao animal sex,I don’t care about the roar,Still firmly took a crucial step,He hugged the girl tightly in his arms。
How about this fat man Wang Shaoxiao will become a great weapon in the future??Since he was a child, he has belonged to the kind who can’t lift his legs when he meets a girl,And keep this attribute up to now。
This time scared the girl miserably,Teary eyes,Pear flower with rain,delicate and charming,A pair of small hands pushed the fat beast’s chest weakly。
This scene,Immediately provoked the anger,Seven or eight big men surrounded on the spot,The crowd in the square also quickly gathered up。
It’s not too big to watch the excitement anyway,The people who eat melons have always been like this,Don’t watch the bastard if there is fun!
quickly,Three floors inside and outside are all scolding Wang Shaoxiao,Scold him for playing a hooligan,Bully little girl。
Wang Shaoxiao bites his neck,Anyway, just don’t let go,And shouted:“It’s up to you!He is my wife!We quarrel!”
This remark,Everyone’s expressions are different。
The first is the little girl who was forcibly held in his arms by Fatty Wang,For a moment,Immediately showed obvious fear,It seems that she is treating Wang Shaoxiao as a trafficker,Of course scared。
But she is now a deaf girl,Can’t explain!
And then the people eating melons around,Obviously the voice is much lower。
Just say!How can anyone dare to snatch someone and behave as a gangster,Isn’t this looking for death??
but,Still someone is unmoved,The three big men who came up first,One of them said loudly:“You fart!You say he is your wife,Do you have evidence?”
It’s been so long,I haven’t seen Lu Menglin show up yet,Wang Shaoxiao panicked,But reluctant to say anything:“Although my wife is deaf and mute,But i love him!Do you have any evidence that she is not my wife?!”
Speaking of which,The fat man hugged the girl tighter。