The man retracted the sword,Hands still stuck in the sleeves,Step by step approach。

“Do not,You can’t pass。”
Aquan struggled to turn over,Kneeling in front of a man,He has no aura,So I don’t even have the right to resist。
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighth prayer
“Get out!”
The other party kicked on A Quan’s shoulder lightly,Make Aquan glide straight backward。
Rubbing the legs against the gravel ground,Cause the skin on the leg to be cut directly,The bloody meat is inlaid with gravel,Terrible。
Aquan did not retreat,Vomiting blood in the mouth,It shows that his injury is very serious,May even die in the next second,But the person behind hasn’t woken up yet,He wants to keep his promise。
The other party is still moving forward,He didn’t want Xia Chenglong to wake up,So the result of the hands-on is naturally the best。
Head down,Ah Quan hugged the man’s ankle with his bloody arm,This is the only thing he can do。
“you,You can’t pass。”
There is no need for dialogue anymore,The man’s footsteps did not stop after hesitating at first,Aquan’s pull didn’t do anything。
His hands didn’t leave,The whole person was directly pulled forward,The resulting scene is too bloody and cruel,Even an outsider,You will cry when you see such a scene!
Xia Chenglong made a calculation mistake,Unexpectedly, it will take longer to refine recklessness than the last time,Cause someone to die for him。