A voice rang behind several people,Shocked everyone。

Including Li Tianzi,Xiang Chen suddenly appeared behind them,Are all taken aback。
The first Xiang Chen who was excluded by himself appeared here,It means that I should not die here today,This should be a happy thing,It’s just that Li Tianzi doesn’t know why,I can’t laugh anymore,On the contrary,My tears will shed more and more。
“Miserable,But I shouldn’t have reached the point of scaring you, a strong woman.?”
After Xiang Chen finished speaking,I quickly came to Li Tianzi’s side。And Li Tianzi said nothing,At this moment this new business star,The domineering female president stood quietly behind Xiang Chen,Somewhat at ease。
“Since i’m here,You won’t be able to complete the task,Go home with your wife and children,not good?”
Xiang Chen tilted his head and glanced at Li Tianzi,Don’t laugh at anything,Then he smiled to the four tarantula killers。
No one took care of Xiangchen,Just like Li Tianzi ignored them before,In response to Xiang Chen,Only four long knives。
Although the dagger that Xiang Chen was carrying was dripping with blood,But one inch is strong,What’s more, I have four knives here,There is no reason to be afraid of a short dagger。
“On the way,Should be your companion,Entangled,So I killed it easily,I hope it will not affect the mood of the four hands!”
Xiang Chen smiled,However, he was not dominant in the number of people and rushed directly to the four swordsmen。
Li Tianzi is behind Xiang Chen,Looking at Xiang Chen’s bandaged arm,I just remembered,This guy still has injuries,Bringing the wounds and trying to chase after him to save my enemy,This man’s thinking is really weird!
At the same time, Li Tianzi is also a little worried,Xiang Chen hurried over with a remnant body,I didn’t come here to give the head away, right??