Xiao Fan still nodded。

“You should go there now,This kind of thing should be sooner rather than later,After all, the security department is related to the safety of the entire Lin family。”Lin Yuner told。
“it is good,I know!”Xiao Fan said。
See Lin Yoona no longer speaks,Xiao Fan asked:“that,I can go now?”
Lin Yoona’s face blushed,What does this guy mean,Could it be that he thought he said so much,Is it to stay in his office for a while??
“Hurry up,Hurry up!”Lin Yuner urged。
Looking at Lin Yun’er’s a little bit of eagerness,Xiao Fan didn’t say anything more,Just feel a bit funny,This little girl!
After Xiao Fan left the office,I didn’t forget to take Lin Yoona to the office door thoughtfully。
Watching the slowly closing door,Lin Yoona’s heart is slowly calming down,What’s wrong with myself,When facing Xiao Fan,I seem to be less and less able to do the indifference I used to。
Lightly beat his head,Took a few deep breaths,Lin Yoona walked from the window to the desk,Picked up the phone and called Qiao An’an,Simply explain the matter again。
After Xiao Fan came out of Lin Yuner’s office,,I feel very good!
He didn’t return to the security department,But he directly followed Lin Yuna’s suggestion,I came directly to the office of Qiao Anan, Director of Personnel Department。
The door of Qiao An’an’s office is open,Obviously she knew she was back,I kept the door for myself。
So just arrived at the door,Xiao Fan noticed that there was a hot beauty in the office humming and pruning flowers in the office。
Look carefully,Although this woman is wearing professional attire,But the style is different from other Lin’s female staff。
A wavy hair is scattered casually,Delicate face with light makeup,The slightly bent body makes the proud scenery looming,The tight-fitting hip skirt is also well tailored,Neither appears exposed,Showing her good figure again。