right now,I have this big、Such a unique advantage,There can only be less40%Shares of?

What an international joke?!”
Ralph·Robbins stopped talking。
Like what Chen Geng said,In terms of production and sales,He is irreplaceable,It is impossible to bypass it,But Rawls as a technology provider·Royce、Myself and Collins·McKenney,But not irreplaceable,In this way,This share ratio is a bit embarrassing。
But want Ralph·It is impossible for Robbins to give up this huge income,Since Ralph·Robbins can’t give up the income he wants,Collins, as the rotating chief engineer of the two parties·McKenney cannot give up this opportunity,Then……
“if so,I do have a suggestion……”
Looking up at Chen Geng,Ralph·Robbins says。
“Oh?”Chen Geng raised his eyebrows,Show interest。
First826chapter As long as you can figure it out,I want
Although there is no one else in the room,But Ralph·Robbins still lowered his voice subconsciously:“In this case,Why don’t we get rid of Rawls·Where’s Royce?”
“Oh?How to say?”Chen Geng raised his eyebrows with interest:“How to operate?”
For Ralph·Robbins’s suggestion,Chen Geng was not surprised at all:Capitalist,money above all,Faced with such a big money maker、Maybe you can turn yourself over again,Can you count on how good a professional manager is?