in order todoubleDesign fee,Chen Geng decided to fight。

“well,You can now notify your people to talk。”A local tyrant is a local tyrant,Henry·Ford is a mess。
After listening to Chen Geng,Rosemary, who is conscientiously guarding in the rear of the United States, is a little confused:Another big deal has come?
At the United Community Bank,Rosemary often feels that business is difficult to do,But how comebossHere,A business of tens of millions or even tens of millions of dollars is as simple as drinking water.?Although Rosemary knew,All this is based on the huge success of the previous owner,But she still couldn’t help being a little envious。
Envy,Rosemary, who knows she has no talent at all in industrial design,I quickly entered my role,Response channel:“OK,no problem,I will personally lead the negotiation with the Ford Group……boss,You are really sure to design such a car?”
Although I have confidence in the design skills and strength of my boss,The doubling of the design fee makes Rosemary very excited,But the pressure that comes with it is not small:She knew very well that she wanted a full-size sedan to reach the best-selling mid-level sedan in the United States.50%How hard is it,This is even better than ChryslerfamilyIt’s harder for sales to reach the current level,So that when you absolutely shouldn’t question your boss’s ability,She directly expressed her worry。
“I already have a draft,You can see the rendering after going back,”Chen Geng calmed Rosemary with just one sentence:“Don’t worry about the design,Negotiations with Ford……”
“Don’t worry about negotiation,”With Chen Geng’s words,Rosemary said immediately:“If you can’t help the company get the best cooperation agreement,That’s my negligence,In addition……”A little bit,Rosemary hesitated,Still asked:“When will you be back?”
“About a week or so,how?Is the company in trouble??”Chen Geng frowned:Rosemary’s tone……Seems something is wrong?
“No trouble,I’m not even sure if I’m in trouble,”Rosemary says:“Before you go,Didn’t we decide to develop the car repair business to Indiana??”
“Ok。”Chen Geng nodded。
Develop auto repair business to Indiana,Because Indiana is next to Michigan where the company sits,Easy development,Is it in trouble now?
PS:Sorry brothers,Thinking about squinting,I never thought I overslept,This chapter is still yesterday。
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