“I said you are not as good as him,Believe this!”

Li Tianzi gave Du Xinwu a merciless look,In the eyes,Full of ridicule。
Chapter Four Hundred and Fifth Team up for Bai Lu
After jumping off the tree,Xiang Chen made a few calls,So much so that it is stillxue.Li Tianzi, who watched Wanghai’s game with Zheng Weiwei, immediately appeared in front of Bai Lu。
At first,Li Tianzi simply thought,Xiang Chen’s little girlfriend has never seen such a big battle,Need someone to guide or help her with some ideas or something,For Li Tianzi,It’s just a matter of,Naturally, I don’t hide anything。
Luckily, Bai Lu’s mind is not stupid,Many game rules,It’s all in one teaching,There is no sign of Li Tianzi’s headache。
Sort out the general framework,Li Tianzi feels that Wanghai University’s foundation is a bit messy。
Especially after learning that Xiangyang was also dragged by Xiang Chen to participate,Li Tianzi didn’t know that he should sigh Xiangchen’s mind,Or is this kid’s luck really good。
Drag Xiangyang to participate in this fund managed by Bai Lu,So now that Xiangyang has participated,Zheng Ziling will naturally get involved,Is that far from Zheng Weiwei’s arrival??Plus, Xiang Chen has dragged himself down,In addition, the kind of person like Wu Weihua who always wants to give Xiangchen a face,Which two of Xiangyang have,Xiao Xiaoxiao and Zhu Shiyao……
Li Tianzi suddenly found that he didn’t know how to evaluate Xiang Chen or Han Zhili, the old fox。
Just a university aid foundation,Almost affects most of the economic circle looking at the sea。
Determined to have a good relationship with Bai Lu,Maybe this is my futureiOne of the most effective ways to enter Wanghai。
How to say it is the little witch of Shang Hai,Li Tianzi wants a routine Bai Lu who is still relatively simple,The four words are not exaggerated。
Probably just took a course that Wanghai University is not well-known,Start from class,To the end of get out of class,Just because Bai Lu looked back at herself during class,Li Tianzi knew,This little girl’s affection for herself has greatly increased。
After class,Li Tianzi wants to catch up,Thinking about how Bai Lu would catch up with herself and ask questions,But I never thought,Du Xinwu was the first to find him。