But Xia Chenglong sighed,Although I was sighing,But he didn’t say anything more。

At this time, Han Yulou raised his head and took a look at Jackie Chan,Although there are a lot of puzzles in my heart,He also wants someone Xia Chenglong,But afterwards, he held back!
After all, he also knows a truth,Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask,Knowing more is easier to die!
About half an hour later,This big array is set,Xia Chenglong used his own spiritual knowledge to explore the past,Although he is not very proficient in these formations,But I know something like this!
Take a look at Xia Chenglong at this time,What kind of spirit gathering formation is this formation?,This formation is clearly a dedication,This Xian Yin Zhen was a vicious exercise notorious in ancient times,It’s like people in this epicenter’s skill is slightly cleaner than sucking them all!
The first thousand and forty chapters Dedication
Those people who so-called show their spiritual power in this exercise,Actually it’s like a tribute,Just waiting for all the cultivation bases absorbed by that town owner,Then sucked into a mummy!
Because this exercise is too vicious,And once it runs,There is no way to interrupt from this array,So when I arrived, I was caught by outside monks,It’s disabled,Banned!
Xia Chenglong also learned about it by chance,But he never thought,This time I can actually see this dedication here!
If it is someone else,It is estimated that I will not enter this big array,Forget it,Open one eye and close one eye,Nothing to do,Hang high!
But Xia Chenglong is different,He hates evil,At this moment, he half-squinted his eyes,The eyes flashed with cold light!
He is determined to take care of this matter,So when Xia Chenglong thought of this,I walked out suddenly,It’s just that he has completely hidden his breath and figure at this time!
“If there is no problem,You should hurry into this formation,Let’s hurry up,Kill this grave guard,It will be fine,Take the opportunity to quickly enter this ruin…”
General Jin hasn’t finished speaking yet,Xia Chenglong walked out,At this moment, he put his arms around his chest,There was a little disdain in his eyes:“Oh,is it?General Jin,Really unusual,Just this formation,According to what i understand,It doesn’t seem like the general said!”
General Jin heard Xia Chenglong say this,His face changed suddenly,At this moment his eyes narrowed into a slit:“Oh,is it?Then you are going to talk about how you learned?”
General Jin’s face is gloomy at this time,As if it can drip out,My eyes are narrowed。
If it’s an ordinary person,Seeing the expression of General Jin,I will be scared to death,After all, you have to know that he is the overlord in this golden triangle,Basically stomping can make the Golden Triangle tremble three times。
But Xia Chenglong is not an ordinary person,The majestic dragon king,Now looking at General Jin,It’s just like a beam jumping clown entertaining himself,So how did he react to General Kim at this time,Don’t care!
“It’s nothing,From ancient books,This does not seem to be called Xian Yin Zhen,Nothing else!”