Lu Youshan stopped on the spot,Strode and turned around,Pretty serious。

“Mr. Cai,What do you mean?”Lu Youshan said lightly。
It seems that Dad is not stupid,He has no reason not to believe in his son,Since this Zhaohui company may have a problem,Of course he will not bite the bullet and sign a contract,I want to get out first。
Boss Cai rolled his eyes twice,Said with a smile:“Master Lu didn’t know where he heard the news,If you just go out like this,In case your mouth is big,Talk nonsense everywhere,Wouldn’t it break my business?”
The voice has not fallen,Xiao Cai has quickly reached the board room window,Whistled outside,There was a series of messy footsteps outside the door suddenly。
Lu Youshan heard the action outside the door,His complexion suddenly sank。
Huang Yuanshun turned pale with fright on the spot,A pair of mouse eyes strayed,I don’t know what I’m thinking about。
“Haha!Boss Cai,It seems you don’t want to do business,Do you want to be a robber??We are all employees of state units,I’m afraid it won’t work if you want to be hard?”
Lu Youshan faced this sudden crisis,On the contrary, it is very calm,There is no trace of fear on his face,Instead, start to reason with each other。
Da Cai and Xiao Cai looked at each other,The two laughed at the same time。
Laugh,Boss Cai said slowly:“Mr. Lu,It’s easy if you want to go,Obediently sign the contract,Then everyone wrote me an IOU,As long as you don’t tell what happened today,I promise not to ask you to charge。”
Lu Youshan didn’t even think about it,Shouted:“impossible!The contract will not be signed,Signed it is useless!”
Xiao Cai said with a smile:“Yes!Anyway, Mr. Lu already thinks we are a liar,It doesn’t matter even if you sign the contract,The money is in your hands anyway,You don’t play money,Do we dare to come here or?”
Boss Da Cai nodded,Tao:“Let you sign a contract,Gag your mouth。You don’t want to do business with me,A lot of people are rushing to do with me,You’d better keep quiet,Don’t toast or eat fine wine。”
“You are not in business,You are a liar!”Lu Youshan finally confirmed this,Roar loudly。