Although Qin Feng had guesses in this regard,But for a while, it seems that there is no way to do precautions。At most, let the people in Miyamoto’s family pay attention。

But a large part of the Miyamoto family are now on guard for Qin Feng。I always feel that my big family has been taken away by a foreigner。Although they didn’t say anything on the surface,Deep down Shan’s heart is definitely still unsatisfied。of course,Since there were previous cases of Miyamoto Okano and Miyamoto Masao in,So these people must not dare to do something rebellious。
The issue is,What Qin Feng said,They didn’t take it seriously,So when Qin Feng comes out,Several disciples of the Miyamoto family were found dead in the explosion,Several others were seriously injured。
As for the blasting mercenary group, they have been directly subdued。Because Qin Feng saw Jiutian Chuxiao who hadn’t heard the news for a while。
“Chu Xiao, you are here?”After asking, Qin Feng somewhat understood the situation。“You are specifically dealing with the explosive mercenary group?But the problem is,You obviously followed him,Why not stop the explosion in advance?”
Obviously Chu Xiao was able to subdue the prisoner so quickly,This means that the other party may have followed this person long ago。But he did not arrest the people before the explosion,What’s in between,Maybe it goes without saying?
“Ha ha,Leave me alone!”
Leave these words,Chu Xiao pressed the members of the Explosive Mercenary Group to leave。
Qin Feng just watched him leave like this,But then he smiled。of course,It’s impossible for Chu Xiao to find him laughing。The reason for this is because Qin Feng thought of something very interesting。
If his guess has been correct,The blasting mercenary group should be Zhang Qiang’s people,And Chu Xiao’s real goal in coming to the island country seems to be to deal with the explosive mercenary group.。
Thus,The chances of the two being facing each other are very high!Now it’s up to Qin Feng himself to turn this possibility into reality。
just,Not easy to plan,Because this is directly aimed at Chu Xiao and Zhang Qiang himself。
The IQs of these two are not low,Impossible to be challenged by others。It’s a different concept from asking Firmino to find someone to provide a place to the clergy.。
“I may need help!”
After murmured,Qin Feng called Cen Wen directly。
“Hey,Do you have time?Come out and chat?”Qin Feng doesn’t know where Cen Wen is at this time,Will there be anyone else on his side。
of course,For Cen Wen,Now Qin Feng can’t believe it absolutely。After all, is this product really on Qin Feng’s side??It’s not easy to say!Even though Cen Wen said that he and Zhang Qiang have different ideas,Impossible to get together。But they both belong to the same organization,Even act together。
Therefore, Qin Feng is not easy to make a conclusion!