Don’t look at him saying one million two million,But asked him to give out tens of millions of cash at once,That is very difficult。

Even if I barely come out,Then his company is not far from closing down。
To know,His net worth is worth hundreds of millions,These several hundred million must be counted as all the denominated assets of other companies,And the property under his name,Famous cars etc.。
His cash flow is to cope with unexpected needs,Maintain the normal operation of the business,There is not much left besides。
“what happened,How come so many people come to return the goods at a time!”Song Litao shouted angrily at the henchman on the other end of the phone。
Even news reports are impossible,From the news to the present,Just over an hour later。
“boss,I do not know either,I just came to work,Soon people blocked the door。”Hearing employees feel the boss’s raging anger from the phone,Grievances baba,Crying without tears。
Song Litao listened,More angry,Growl:“you***I don’t know you won’t ask,Won’t check it!So many people appear at the same time,There must be someone behind the scenes!”
“Ok,boss,I’ll find it out right away。”Confidant employees immediately said。
The boss is the boss,Identify the problem at once,He sighed in his heart,The group of old men and women who walked into the company gate。
Song Litao in the villa rubbed his temples,Leaning on the sofa again。
Originally, he was a little proud to figure out a way to eliminate the adverse effects,Fall into anxiety again。
Ten minutes later,The phone rang again,It’s from that confidant。