“stop!Stop all!”In the horror of everyone,The team leader suddenly shouted。

All the team members heard the captain’s voice,Can’t help but stop,I don’t know if I should continue to chop the sword in my hand.。
“By the day!”The captain shouted in a deep voice。
Silence around,Everyone is silent,Because they know this is the captain confirming the identity of the visitor,He must have found something。
“what?Uh,The Yellow River flows into the sea?”Lu Menglin was stunned for a moment,Reacted immediately,Replied with a smile。
“You are human?Where did it come from?”The team leader suddenly felt relieved,I can’t even hold the sword in my hand。
He was too tense just now,Because he knows,The strength of this person is too strong,Can only be described as unfathomable,If the other party is a god nation,All of their team will be here today。
“I am Lu Menglin!”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,The body shape gradually turned into the original appearance。
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Fully armed
Steel city,In the meeting hall。
Manager of the City of Steel,Da Yuanshi of the Guards sits at the table respectfully,Unable to hide the excitement,Like a restless child。
On the left hand side of Mao Yongfei,Liu Niuer is sitting,The great warlord of the year,Now the chief manager of the city of steel,Take control of finances。
Sitting side by side with the two,And Kasuga Hako,She also has an unconcealable surprise on her face。
Because sitting across from them,It’s the one they look forward to day and night,Boss Lu is finally back。
“Everyone is okay?You did a great job of the City of Steel!I am very satisfied。”Lu Menglin laughed,Enthusiastic smile。