Tu Chuan nodded quickly,Following Lu Menglin without a word。

At this time,He is not stupid,Have seen some doors。
Sister Su Yisu,By no means idle,She even dare to arrange for someone to chase after him,If I still follow her,,Maybe she dug a hole and buried it。
“Aunt Su,Why don’t you go with us?Do you want to stay here alone?”Lu Menglin raised his head suddenly,Asked softly。
Su Yi shook her head,Frowned:“Jiang Chuyu does not get rid of,No one has a good life。I want to arrange again。”
“Well!Be careful yourself。”Lu Menglin didn’t say much,Under the support of Tu Qinqin,The two left in a hurry。
Watching Lu Menglin and Tu Qinqin leave the yard,Su Yi still frowned,Seems to hesitate,Finally shook his head,I have an idea in my mind。
“Jiang Chuyu was injured and escaped,You can act。”Su Yi took out her phone,After dialing the phone, he said。
now,Far away on a private island in Hawaii,A team of well-armed elite soldiers guarding all exits of the island villa。
A dozen corpses were piled up in the courtyard,All men in black suits,At first glance, you can see people like private bodyguards。
In the villa hall,Mr. Li, the billionaire super-rich, sits upright,Can’t help but say to someone in front of you:“What you want me to do,I have done。Can my family be released now?”
Standing in front of Mr. Li is an unusually beautiful woman,She is tall,A pair of white and tender long legs under hot pants,Enough to make any man full of unlimited reverie。
“Release!”This beautiful woman waved,Said without procrastination。
The soldiers in the hall loosened the rope,Let go of Mr. Li’s family。
“Thank you!You go upstairs first,Without my orders,Not allowed down!”Mr. Li is worthy of being the super tycoon of Shang Hai,Although in danger,But still calm,Act decisively。