If they can really keep calm,That they are capable。

Chen Geng continued:“In addition,Since GM doesn’t give us face so much,Then don’t worry about anything‘The world’s largest car manufacturer’By name,Tell GM directly,Want to make twice from us,No doors!Design fee reference Ford,Can be slightly discounted,But cannot exceed5%。
In addition,Just give them half a month,If GM still cannot meet our conditions after half a month,We will completely close our cooperation with General Motors。”
I was caught by my own boss several times before“Face slap”Experience,Rosemary has learned well now,She asked carefully:“boss,Are you scaring people or playing for real?”
“Of course it is for real,Who has such spare time?,Scaring people every day。”
“You are the boss,You have the final say,Anyway, you make money and lose money。”Rosemary sighed helplessly,The company belongs tobossAlone,Even ifbossWilling to make some willful decisions,She can’t help it,but……
Why does my old lady feel so relieved?、I feel so happy?
Can it be uncomfortable?,During this time, I didn’t eat the bitch anger of General Motors.,Although doing business,This kind of thing is indispensable,But no one is born to be abused?If you can,Everyone wants to be an uncle,Who would like to be a grandson。
“Ok,”Chen Geng responded,Thought for a while,Said again:“correct,The CEO of Chrysler Motors is now Lee·Iacocca, right??”
“Yes,”Rosemary nodded:“I don’t know what this guy is capable of,But the momentum is quite big。”
“I’m pretty optimistic about this guy……Did he want to cooperate with us some time ago?”
“There is such a thing,”What Chen Geng said,Rosemary remembered this:“But the Chrysler at that time was messy,Didn’t you give it away??”
“Now and then,Not being able to cooperate at that time does not mean that you cannot cooperate now,”Chen Geng said:“Then you can contact Chrysler again,In other words, we can cooperate with Chrysler in automotive design and even broader fields.,Also ask if they are willing to rent us a production line。”
“Rent production line?!”Rosemary’s voice trembled a little:“boss,what do you mean……”
“Is what you think,”Chen Geng nodded:“It’s not that the reputation of Chrysler cars has been rotten.,Operating rate is not enough50%What,If we can rent a complete production line from Chrysler,General over there……”
Chen Geng hasn’t finished speaking yet,Rosemary cried out of excitement:“boss,I love you!I love you!I love you so much!”
“Fucking!”Chen Geng was shocked by Rosemary’s words:“You mess up?”