Thought of here,Makes her feel a little uncomfortable,The more I want to see Tian Lu。

“she was,What’s the origin?”Xie Lisu’s self-superiority,Ask indifferently。
“She,It’s a rural,I heard that I can’t afford to rent a house outside,Master Star is kind-hearted,Persuade the wife to take her in here temporarily,If you really care about her asking for rent,Can she afford to rent an apartment?,Not covered by Master Starry Sky,She got out、I’ve been on the street long ago。”Xiaoyun brought his own point of view and said。
“Did you say how long to live?”Xie Lisu asked。
“I haven’t heard of this。”Xiaoyun evasive,But I can’t think of words to add fuel and jealousy,Just shut up。
Xie Lisu stopped talking,Have an idea in mind。
Walk to where Chen Limu is sitting,Say hello to her,Said I want to walk outside,If time permits,Will go to Sheng Lan Dian。
Chen Limu smiled:“Also good,It’s really limited in the apartment,Since I returned to China,Just get better,Do you need Li De to see you there??”
Xie Lisu’s short hesitation,Said:“Ok!”
Chen Limu asked Yang Zi to talk to Li De about using the car,Li De drove to the gate soon。
Li De sent the fashionable Xie Lisu to the gate of Sheng Languang,Li De opened the door and took care of her to get off。Xie Lisu said:“You won’t pick me up,I have my own way to go back。”
Li De saw what she said,Ask dutifully:“Tell me in advance when you need to use the car,I will come to pick you up。”
Xie Li Su raised her head,Laugh without answering,Tell Li De with emoticons,Means I know。
Li De received instructions,Back the car,Adjusted,Fly away。
After arriving at Sheng Blu-ray,Enter the lobby on the first floor,Look at the display card above,Understand the distribution of each floor。
She plans to go straight to the floor where Ye Xingkong is,I heard Xiaoyun say before,Ye Xingkong works in the marketing and publicity department。then,Stop pacing downstairs,But went straight to the marketing department。
The elevator needs to swipe the magnetic card to start,Xie Lisu no,Cry secretly。
Exit the elevator busy,Ask the waiter how to get up,Waiter inform,Only employees of the company can enter,Outsiders need to make an appointment。
Xie Lisu’s heart curse:What a broken place,So much red tape。