“Ugh,I can’t help it,something,Someone has to do it,You also know,What will this happen。”

The boss is always thinking about big things,The people below us,That’s not just what I can do desperately,Besides, there are so many things to do,Then you can know what you need to do,What do you lack?
Gao Yu said weakly,His voice is a bit helpless。
After all, the situation at this moment,That’s not how it should be。
Hear this,Gao Hao said helplessly:“I also told you directly,You don’t always want to work hard like this,You really want to take care of your own affairs,do you understand me?”
Work is to be done,But I can’t work hard like this,You don’t look,Yunxiang is so leisurely?
Gao Yu doesn’t know what to say,He pondered for a while and said:“Before i leave,Yunxiang was already working while hanging the needle……”
Chapter 980 Awkward moment
I……”Gao Hao really doesn’t know what to say,He really wants to slap himself,I really think my son is the best?
Just think of something,Gao Hao couldn’t help sighing,He really feels distressed。
Father’s distress is not something ordinary people can understand。
Qin Feng and Lin Qianqian are somewhat helpless,This is going in?
Still not going in?If you don’t go in,That’s a big possibility,If you go in,There will be situations。
After all, it’s an awkward moment。
“go in。”Lin Xiqian strode in as she said。