Fan Lao stomped straight,All know,This kid is too unreasonable,Forget it,Be generous。

Shen Lin on the side looked happy,He thinks that the big guy is so different from others,It seems that the boss can read mind,Fan Lao obviously didn’t say,But the boss sees through。
“Gangster,You agreed to discuss with me,Do you still count?”Shen Lin saw Xiao Fan coming over and couldn’t help but ask。
Xiao Fan frowned,Then said reluctantly:“What big guy,Don’t call me that,I’m not old at all,I count,The time is unknown,You wait。”
Shen Lin is full of black lines,The boss is not like an old man,This person’s brain circuit is really strange。
Xiao Fan turned and returned to his room,Ready to take a bath,Go to the hostility,I thought it was solved,I can go home and see Lin Yoona as soon as possible,He feels better。
Here left Shen Lin and Boss Fan with small eyes,Shen Lin doesn’t know where he can go,He has been learning all kinds of things since he was young,But no home。
Old Fan looked at Shen Lin in front of him,I couldn’t help but sighed,Good kid,Why don’t you involve yourself in this bloody storm?。
Old Fan coughed slightly,Then said to Shen Lin:“Young man,You are planning to stay here?”
Shen Lin shook his head,Looked at Fan Lao with embarrassment,Say:“I just want to learn something from the master inside,I usually take it easy,Can you rent me a room。”
Fan Lao’s eyes darkened,Nodded slightly,Shen Lin happily said thank you twice。
Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Four Xiao Fan goes home