Probably because I was very unhappy with the Fiat team,Or maybe the last sentence touched him,Leclerc·Horner was silent again for a moment,Then he said that he could meet Chen Geng,Only if Chen Geng wants to have an interview with him,Need Chen Geng to go to Argentina——Ten more days,WRCThe Argentine stage will be played in Cordoba, a small town in Argentina,All participating teams have rushed to Argentina for climate adaptation、Targeted tuning of the car,As the manager of the Fiat team,Leclerc·Horner certainly cannot leave the team at this time,Came to the UK or the US alone。

Chen Geng happily agreed,Isn’t it going to Argentina?,Little things!
First729chapter Glorious beginning
Leclerc·Horner’s meeting was in a small cafe in the small town of Cordoba。
For confidentiality,Also not to give Leclerc·What troubles Horner’s work agent,Chen Geng simply wrapped up the entire cafe,of course,From outside,The whole cafe is like full of people,The door of the cafe is also hung up“Full house”Brand,Said that no more new guests。
Meet Leclerc·Horner’s time,Chen Geng couldn’t believe his eyes:This looks haggard and tired、There is no such thing as a spirited guy,Is famous、Once led FiatWRCLeclerc, who has won several driver’s championships and the team championships·Horner?!
This guy looks like a mother-in-law ran away with someone,The unlucky person who was stuck in pain and shame and caused insomnia for a month!
Look at Chen Geng, look at his own eyes,Leclerc·Horner knows what the other person is thinking,He gave a wry smile:“Sorry,Mr. Fernandez,Recently the pressure is a bit heavy……”
Chen Geng nodded clearly:“The results of your team this year will indeed bring you a lot of pressure……Ok,Mr Horner,I just said it directly,I came in person,So I believe you have seen my sincerity,So any questions I want to ask,You can ask now。”
Leclerc·Horner was speechless:Are super rich people so direct??
Leclerc·Horner had to admit that what Chen Geng said was the truth:As a super rich man worth more than ten figures,Just because we have to form a team,He personally flew from England to Argentina to meet himself,In terms of sincerity,What do you want others?
“Ok,”Leclerc·Horner sighed:“Mr. Fernandez,Then I’m welcome……Can you tell me why you want to form this team?Really because of what the media said,You are for your breath?”
“of course not,Children will be angry because of this,Adults only talk about benefits,”Chen Geng smiled:“The reason is actually very simple,becauseAMCTo gain a firm foothold in continental Europe,And our goal is to achieve at least50Million annual sales,But you know the characteristics of European consumers,and so……”