Rubin got up and helped Qiao Tianyu sit at the table,Reproaching in the tone of an elder。

But only one blame,Qiao Tianyu was moved to tears,I haven’t been cared for for a long time。
“Uncle Rubin,I feel uncomfortable。”Qiao Tianyu lowered his head。
“Isn’t it a Merck Group?,As for making you so laborious??”
Rubin saw that Qiao Tianyu hadn’t fully sobered up,Hand over a bottle of ice coke。
Qiao Tianyu took the coke,Slurp up。
Under the dual stimulation of carbonic acid and air conditioning,Qiao Tianyu suddenly felt a lot clearer。
But at this time,Qiao Tianyu also found something wrong。
Isn’t it a Merck Group??
How did Rubin know about Merck Motor Group??
“Uncle Rubin,you.”
Qiao Tianyu put on a torturous look,Looking at Rubin。
“Tianyu,Didn’t you want to see me in the afternoon??”Rubin said with a smile。
“seriously,If I didn’t see you working so hard for this,I really don’t want to see this with you。”
I’ll wipe it!