On the phone that night,Hui told him:She did it on purpose,I want to test how he will react。And said he was glad he let it go。

Chen Wenjin told Hui:‘Break up is break up,Whether or not you let go,It’s not a relationship, you have to keep a proper distance,This is a matter of principle。’
Ask him:‘This principle will not break?’
Chen Wenjin said at the time:‘If this principle is broken,Then you have to stay away from me,That means I have other purposes with ulterior motives,Such as revenge。’
At that time Chen Wenjin didn’t retaliate,But years later he did something like this to another woman。
So many years have passed,It turns out that his essence has not changed。
Obviously he should take advantage of Hui’s body,Is more conducive to the advancement of the plan,Increase Hui’s sunk cost,Undoubtedly more advantageous。
The only price is,Hui’s injury will be deeper。
Chen Wenjin obviously thinks that we should use the power of alien black technology to experience a different life course.,But still can’t jump out of his own frame。
Time goes by,Chen Wenjin knows,He doesn’t push the door in,Hui can hardly fall asleep。
“So thirsty,gold——Is there water?”Hui suddenly shouted through the door,Chen Wenjin agreed,Took the mineral water in。
Hui took two sips,About thirty milliliters,This is so thirsty from what she calls,Obviously there is a considerable gap。
“A little scared,Can’t sleep。”Hui said,Lie down again,It’s just that the quilt doesn’t completely cover the body,Reveals the most conspicuous area where the clothes are tightly wrapped。
“Leave mine in the room,You keep sleeping。”Chen Wenjin pulled a stool by the bed,Consider whether you want to release another episode first,And then back to this moment。
But thinking about returning to this moment,The body is still restored,Did not actually help。
Hui close your eyes,Lie down quietly for a while,Suddenly opened my eyes again,Looked at him and said:“Still can’t sleep,Can you hug me to sleep?”
Chen Wenjin believes,Hui took the initiative to make such a request,That is gritted teeth,Fight for courage。
but,He must refuse。