Not long after Han Zhili’s door closed,Han Zhili poked his head out again,Sure to be silent,Slipped into the study quietly again,When coming out again,I have a thick Kangxi dictionary in my hand。

When passing by the portrait of his wife,Smiled and explained。
“Go hit someone,After all, I have to bring a thick book!”
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Father-in-law and son-in-law
Xiang Chen doesn’t know why he put incense on the sculpture at the beginning of the new year,In his previous life experience,After christmas,The new year has already begun。Why in China,Obviously the calendar has started a new year,But it’s not the new year。
Allow Yan Xiaoyi and Han Genji to explain to Xiangchen,The latter is a posture that doesn’t understand。
Until Xiangyang’s sentence, follow the customs,Xiang Chencai is reluctant to participate in the ceremony held by Yan Xiaoyi。
In Yan Xiaoyi’s words,This is called doing a line of love,Do not go to the temple to pray,But some ceremonies in the store are still necessary。
Adhering to the tenet of being rather trustworthy,All facilities and processes,Yan Xiaoyi was ready a long time ago,And all the participants were present,After all, this matter of making money,No one will reject。
Quiet and peaceful outside the inn,But inside the inn,It’s like a ceremonial group,Fortunately, the cleaning aunts under the command of Han Genji are simple enough,Not to be misunderstood。
Go down for a ritual,Yao Yao doesn’t understand what’s going on,But at this time, Yao Yao is right to send a red envelope!
Except Xiang Chen,Everyone got Yao Yao’s red envelope,For a while, the atmosphere in the inn was also full of smiles。
“You are worshiping Buddha,Still worshiping my own desire?”
When everyone is happy to get red envelopes for themselves,Have not had time to estimate the share of the red envelope,An old man holding a thick book appeared in front of everyone。
The old man looks like a missionary many years ago,When everyone looks at him,Are all confused,Only Xiangyang was taken aback,Then he hurried to get to Han Zhili’s side。
“Father, why are you here??”
Xiang Chen went to help Han Zhili,But was pushed away by the latter,Go to Xiangchen by lifting the book。
“Sir, pay attention to your health!”