It used to be the most prosperous in the East,One of the most lively neighborhoods,At the same time, no one knows,Unknown tourist attraction。

Various animation elements,Distribution center for two-dimensional goods,It has become the dream place of the global otaku。
And at the moment,A giant statue fell from the sky,Broke the original excitement and beauty of this neighborhood。
The first to be repelled was the Tokyo police,In front of this monster holding a bow and arrow,They were already seriously understaffed,After dropping two burning police cars,Quickly evacuated this block。
This troll statue is different from the spear-bearing statue that appeared in the port of Hokkaido,It holds a huge bow in its hand,String without arrows,But every time the bowstring is pulled,Will shoot a solid arrow,Powerful as a laser cannon,Hundreds of steps away。
This giant statue of a bow and arrow,Is slightly shorter than the statue with a spear,About four meters in height,But it can’t hold its long range,And the energy seems to never be used up,You can easily shoot at the police,The result speaks for itself。
The human bullet hit its extremely hard body,Probably only a few sparks can be shot,But the shadowless arrow shot from the arrowless bow in its hand,But arrows penetrate the heart。
Whoosh!A shadowless arrow penetrated the street vending machine,Pass a female middle school student hiding behind the fuselage through her chest,Nailed to the wall。
The arrow of this bow statue can be strong or weak,Obviously adjusted according to its mind,And this monster has no mercy,It is shooting all breathing creatures,I don’t dare to see if the opponent is weak,Is it a threat。
Whoosh!Another shadowless arrow crosses the street,Shot a little black dog tied to the iron bar。
The owner of that poor puppy probably ran away long ago,Only this innocent animal is left on the iron fence at the entrance of the store,And was shot and killed mercilessly by the monster。
at last,Someone can’t help it!
“Protect Akihabara!”A group of teenagers in riotous costumes can’t help it anymore,They rushed out of the alley at the end of the street,They swarmed towards the bow statue standing in the middle of the street。
Among these bad boys,Half of them are mutants,It’s just that they are all low-end mutants of the first order and the second order,Strength is too weak。
Before they rushed closer,The statue with a bow opened the shadowless bow,Seemingly shot a few arrows randomly。