When those two people are running and there is no shadow,Wang Mingyang nodded and said to Xiao Fan:

“Big brother,look,How about i deal with it like this?”
Xiao Fan smiled slightly,Then said:“This is your company,Of course you have the final say on how the personnel handle it,right?”
Wang Mingyang discovered that since he met Xiao Fan,I became a lot timid。
Because every time he faces Xiao Fan,He always trembles unconsciously,And after Xiao Fan left,Wang Mingyang will also find that he usually sweats a lot on his back。
Wang Mingyang seems to have thought of something suddenly,Just said to Xiao Fan:
“Big brother,Sister-in-law,I will arrange for you upstairsVIPPrivate room,Come with me!”
Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona looked at each other,Then they all laughed。
Yes,The two of them came here today,I came here to eat。
But I didn’t expect it but I met just now。
But fortunately, the owner of this restaurant is Wang Mingyang,otherwise,Lin Yoona really can’t think of it,Facing a boss who doesn’t know,What better way can Xiao Fan and her solve?。
Wang Mingyang took Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner to the most noble private room in the entire western restaurant。
After Xiao Fan and Lin Yun’er sit down,,Wang Mingyang said respectfully:“Big brother,Sister-in-law,I will arrange meals for you。”