“Forget it,lets go!”

Qin Feng waved his hand,Made a forward motion。These dogs,I seem to understand,Just run forward like this。
to be frank,Those who have never played sleds will actually feel good when they try this for the first time。What the Erhus have to admit for the sled dogs is,They are really energetic。
“its not right,Why are these dogs coming to Antarctica?”Qin Feng felt something wrong at this time。After all, aren’t Antarctica only penguins and seals??of course,Actually this is not very strange,After all, huskies can also be brought to this place by humans。At best, it’s not wild。
Besides,There are actually traces of human activities on this continent now。That is, if you live deep,Some supplies will be difficult to transport。
So in Qin Feng’s opinion,It shouldn’t be too far to get there。
Then Qin Feng found out that he was wrong,Because a few sled dogs ran for about ten hours before stopping。According to Qin Feng’s idea, the most terrifying thing is,Seems to have not reached the destination yet?
“Why not just get a helicopter?”Qin Feng began to vent to himself。After all, if the academy is hidden so far, then you really need to complain。
Besides,There is no need to deliberately get a place deep into a certain circle。
Okay,A few dogs came up again after resting for a while。Big when finally reaching the destination
Almost twenty hours have passed。
“You have worked hard, dogs!”
Qin Feng expressed his gratitude to the three sled dogs。Although I feel that this place looks a bit unreasonable,But there is a small room where the dog listens,Chinese and English words are hanging outside“Monk college”The name。
“what,Is it here??”
Qin Feng looked,I think it’s not even as big as someone else’s supply station。Is there really a monk academy just like this??
“Didn’t Tea Master lie to me??”Qin Feng is depressed,Then the door opens,How many people come out,Just stare at Qin Feng。
Qin Feng wants to say something,Then came out a man in his fifties。