Bruce·Evans is telling the truth,Why is Lockheed hearing about Chen Geng’s acquisition of Falkland in the Netherlands-After United Aviation Technology’s shares,So impatient to make contact with Chen Geng、And Bruce·Evans drove out25100 million dollars this is indeed the price of jumping off the property?

Because they know,able、At the same time interested in picking up Lockheed’s plate,Find all over the world,Fernandez·Chen this one,It would be bad if Chen Geng was scared away by asking too much.——The only thing Lockheed didn’t expect was,Chen Geng didn’t mean to take over。
Chen Geng looked at Qiao Tesen curiously:Except myself,Who in the United States is likely to buy Lockheed’s civil aircraft business?
“In fact,I do……Do not,To be precise, there is an idea,If this idea can be realized,It is indeed possible for Lockheed to sell its civil aircraft business……”
Speaking of which,Jotson stopped talking,But looking at Bruce·Evans。
Just think of Jotson’s identity,The fool also knows why this guy stopped at this place,Bruce·Evans is naturally not a fool,He said immediately:“As usual,You can increase the total turnover of this transaction2%to3%,But I think what you want is not this number?Speak,How much do you want。”
Jotson had already thought about this question,Hear words,He immediately replied:“I need to5%。”
Bruce·Evans pondered,Just said:“I can’t answer you,This ratio is beyond my authority,But I personally think that the board of directors is likely to agree to your request,If your approach is feasible,I will try my best to help you fight after I go back,how about it?”
Listen to blues·Evans is here,Jotson knew that his commission ratio was almost the same,He nodded hurriedly:“that’s great,But before that,I must be sure of one thing:Lockheed is hoping to use this to change money,Even if Lockheed’s civil aircraft business was completely shattered as a result,Turned into scraps,Lockheed doesn’t care either,Right?”
Although Qiao Teson’s words are not very pleasant,But Bruce·Evans nodded without hesitation:“Yes。”
Also,Lockheed is planning to sell the civil aircraft business,If it can be sold successfully,It means that the civil aircraft business has no relationship with Lockheed for a dime from now on,So for Lockheed,Just let them get the amount they want,Is the civil aircraft business sold to a certain company or completely rotten?,They don’t care。
Chen Geng,Seeing Jotson who seemed to be confident,I’m becoming more and more curious:What did this guy think of,Can actually help Lockheed sell their civil aircraft business?Is there another company in the world willing to acquire Lockheed’s civil aircraft business??
“Then easy,”Get Bruce·Evans answered yes,Jotson nodded,Then he reached out and pointed at Chen Geng,Then said:“But this matter still needs the help of Mr. Fernandez,So Mr. Fernandez also needs to be paid。”
Chen Geng didn’t expect this matter to have something to do with him,He pointed at himself:“I?”
“Yes,It’s you,”Jotson’s kind words:“to be exact,You are indispensable in my plan、The most important link。”
“Listen to you,I am a little curious,”Chen Geng smiled,Tao:“Speak,What are your thoughts?What do you plan to do?”
Bruce·Evans is also curious:When I gave up,This old broker has a way to help Lockheed sell the civil aircraft business?
He really doesn’t believe it。