I’ll wipe it!

Qiao Tianyu thinks too much!
Got sprayed shit,Qiao Tianyu quickly put the coffee cup to George,Grabbed the silver box。
He wants to see,In that precious purple diamond silver box,What kind of shocking secret is hidden.
First0039chapter The death of the old patriarch
There is only one key in the purple diamond silver box。
In such a luxurious and exquisite purple diamond silver box,Just hid a key?
This result surprised Qiao Tianyu,In the box he thought was so precious,I have to hide a shocking object,But I didn’t expect it was just an ordinary copper key。
By the way, this copper key is about seven or eight centimeters long,Whole body golden,Shiny,Similar to the key used by ancient Chinese people in historical dramas。
It’s just that the head of the key is a seven-petal plum blossom pattern,Obviously the keyhole that this key can open is also like this seven-petal plum blossom。
This is not common anymore,You know that in the written works of the Chinese dynasties,Plum blossoms are mostly shown with five petals,Occasionally a six-petal or three-petal plum blossom,As for this seven-petal plum,Rarely seen。
But another problem also followed。
It is said that the seven-petal plum key can be hidden in such luxurious and exquisite boxes as the purple diamond silver box,What important secret does the matching lock lock??
All this is naturally unknown,At least you have to find a lock that the key can open to know。
Qiao Tianyu was disappointed to put the key back in the purple diamond silver box and put it away。
This key did not bring him direct valuable information,Can only stay“To watch after effects”Up。