Jiang Jinghong just glanced at it,Seeing Lu Menglin’s face changed slightly,She herself is a very smart person,After a little thought, you can understand what this guy is worried about。

“Do not worry!Although your relationship with the secret medicine group is a bit unclear,But the opinions of domestic senior officials are still unified,You control the secret medicine group,More conducive to stability。”Jiang Jinghong smiled。
Chapter VIII Foreign letter
I heard Jiang Jinghong say so,Lu Menglin is also a little embarrassed,Do you feel too nervous。
Two people talking room,Unknowingly has entered the core of the camp。Soldiers with guns all around,Although they don’t squint,But they couldn’t help but look at them secretly。
After all, Captain Jiang is the well-deserved darling of this special unit.!Beautiful people,Good family background,The key is her generous personality,Didn’t treat herself as a woman,Don’t want any special treatment,Become a captain’s officer entirely by his own efforts,Who mentioned her in the army,I have to give my thumbs up,Write a big service word。
now,There is a young and handsome handsome guy beside this army green flower,This scene will certainly make the soldiers curious,Even secretly wary。
“Don’t let outsiders fold off the most beautiful flower in our barracks.!”Many young and energetic soldiers inevitably think like this in their hearts。
Two people walking side by side,Soon I walked outside an army green big tent in the center of the camp,obviously,This should be the temporary headquarters of this army。
Jiang Jinghong stepped forward,Opened the curtain on the tent,Said in a clear voice:“Report commander,Mr. Lu Menglin, the former chief instructor of the Iron Lion army, has been invited。”
Black hole in the tent,I don’t know how many people are inside。
“Where is Lu Menglin?”The voice has not fallen,A guy with yellow hair emerged from the tent,The furry head is moving forward。
Lu Menglin frowned,Gently grabbed Jiang Jinghong’s little hand,Pull her to the side,Can’t be taken advantage of by this foreign devil who suddenly appeared。
What emerged from the tent was a foreigner in his sixties,Blonde,Chickenpox on the face,At first glance, the type of Uncle Rough。
“soldier!Where is the soldier?Lock him up!”When the foreigner saw Lu Menglin,Yelled immediately。
The soldiers around heard the movement,All suddenly came up。