Ding Kun heard the words,Smiled:“You say this,You all in business know this,Is it sub-regional management?,Contact one person in charge for each mobile phone。”

The scene is silent for five seconds。
suddenly,Sun Yongli slapped his forehead:“Ding brother,You mean you are like the mainland,willrFive districts of the city,Divide into five places,Each place is managed by one person!”
Ding Kun smiled and nodded,It means Sun Yongli is right。
Song Litao was shocked。
This is the same as them,This is the same as the tribe。
Look at Ding Kun’s posture,That tone,It’s the same as the leader in the city tells the leaders of each district to do things!
“Ding brother,Come,I have a toast myself!”Sun Yongli did what Song Litao did just now。
Two people toast Ding Kun wine,Ding Kun did not respond,But quietly watching the two big brothers in his mouth drank the wine by themselves。
In his opinion,I have every reason to accept this praise。
Because this is a management system he racked his brains out,Now in the trial operation stage,Quite extensive,But as long as you are not a fool,You can see that this management system is awesome。
This is his creation,He has every reason to be proud,Because of innovation,No matter wherehcountry,Which field,Who happened to,Is something to be proud of。
And he is sure,Wait for everything to be established,After maturity,Apply for a patent,At that time, I will earn that kind of high patent licensing fee!
At that time, Luo Luo’s career can end,Wash thoroughly,No need to do this kind of thing。
Three people are eating hot pot and chatting,Time is easy to pass。