Hu Yang didn’t care about his daughter’s pocket money,And no one likes her,Just an attitude of looking at my sister,This made Xiaoxiao’s father immediately have a good impression of Populus。

Judging from the information he found,This young man can be considered young and promising,Good character,Not to mention family background。unconsciously,He even felt,The daughter pursues him,It seems not bad。
“father,look,This is the tea!Brother Hu said,This is a good tea for almost a hundred years,I bought it for just over 200,000。Our luck is very good。”Xiaoxiao speak,Are you ready to start??
“Cough!”Hu Yang couldn’t help but cough slightly at this moment。You girl,To cheat your dad,Don’t pull me!
Xiaoxiao his dad,I knew my daughter a long time ago,Naturally understand that there is a lot of water inside,The price estimate has doubled, right??
but,Pu’er nearly a hundred years old,He was really surprised。Don’t say more than two hundred thousand,Is more than half a million,He is willing to take it out。
“It’s really good tea for almost a hundred years?”He couldn’t help but look at Populus。
According to the display,This young man’s identification ability is very strong。He said it was a good tea for almost a hundred years,That’s basically correct。
Populus nodded:“Not a hundred years,It’s probably 80 years!Although some signs are blurred,But from the tea itself,Should be made by an ancient famous store,Pretty good。Take it seriously,One hundred and hundreds of thousands is no problem。”At last,Hu Yang still said something to that girl。
Xiaoxiao very proud,Look at my father’s eyes,Seems to be saying:See!I’m right!this time,You really met Bom。More than two hundred thousand,You can get this tea,Praise me quickly!
“Ok!Girl,not bad!Row,Dad accepted this tea。Thanks a lot!”
Ok?No more?anything else?Did you forget something?Xiaoxiao’s eyes widened,Staring at my father。
At last,Even reach out:“father!This tea,We spent more than two hundred thousand。”
in fact,She still wants to say,If you don’t want to pay the bill,I’ll take this tea to honor my grandpa,His old man will definitely spend a lot of money。
Old Cheng looked at his daughter,Can’t help but roll your eyes,Make complaints:This is your real purpose, right?
but,In peacetime“Filial piety”Those tea leaves are different,This is indeed good tea,He is in a good mood,It’s not difficult for this girl。
“Got it,I’ll transfer the money to you later,How can we lose our baby girl?Dad will double it for you。”
Xiaoxiao showed a smile like a flower,Smiled:“Thank you dad!I knew it,you are the best。”