But Qianlong is a special bastard,Meet one I like very much,A stamp is not enough,More than ten,It’s crazy。

and,Sometimes I even put a seal on the work,Instead of blank。
If he is not the emperor,I was beaten up for so long。”
I heard Hu Yang explain to everyone like this,Even the professionals of Chairman Fang who were watching smiled。indeed,This is the biggest headache for repair experts。
And the other viewers in the live room,After listening to Hu’s ridicule,Is laughing。
Compared with other expert commentary,Brother Hu’s live broadcast is undoubtedly a lot more interesting,Have their own opinions,Instead of blowing wildly。
Just like this Emperor Qianlong,In history books,What is the perfect old man?。Fucking!Is there such a person?There are actually records,When Qianlong was alive,Tens of thousands of poems。
Oh shit!Almost from birth,An average of one or two songs per day。Dare to blow!He alone,It’s worthy of the entire Tang Dynasty poetry?
Ok!Nothing else in Qing Dynasty,Bragging。
On stage,The auctioneer is still bragging about the picture,explain《Xiaoxiang Sleeping Tour Picture Scroll》Tortuous experience。
Late Qing Dynasty and Early Republic,Harada Goro started trading in Chinese cultural relics,Once in the Qing Palace to visit the Neifu collection,And met Chen Baochen、Guo Baochang and many other senior officials of the Qing court。Through his introduction,Many Chinese treasures were sold to famous Japanese collectors。
Harada Goro bought it all at once《Han Shi Post》with《Xiaoxiang Sleeping Tour Picture Scroll》Two treasures,When returning to Japan with treasures,Wrap the two paintings layer by layer with oil paper,I even made a shipwreck during the journey,Prepare to survive by jumping into the sea with a picture scroll。
“later,The Japanese banker who loves collecting, Kikuchi Shinji bought it《Han Shi Post》with《Xiaoxiang Sleeping Tour Picture Scroll》,And hid the picture scroll deep in the dark cellar。
1923When the Tokyo Earthquake,Kikuchi’s home is on fire,He struggled to snatch out his three favorite treasures《Han Shi Post》、《Xiaoxiang Sleeping Tour Picture Scroll》And Japanese Watanabe Kazan《Yu Gong Gaomen Tu》。