Ya Mucha shouted when he walked to a position 700 meters away from the camp,“The people at Lear Camp, listen,I blasted the barracks。I came here on behalf of my boss Qin Feng to persuade surrender,Now give you a choice,Put down your weapons and surrender to join us。In the future, the glory and wealth will be endless.”

Hear this,The sniper standing on the sentry stand couldn’t help but shoot。Because he felt that his barracks were insulted!
But he just raised the gun,Then a bullet hit his gun directly and he fell to the ground with a shake of the gun。
to be frank,Yamucha shook instinctively when he heard the gunshot,But then I found out that I seemed to be fine,That means,Qin Feng shot,Instead of the sniper opposite。
Subsequently,He can only continue,“Give you one more chance,Let your general Lear come out and surrender。Otherwise we will attack。”
Sentinels dare not care,After all, they have heard of many legends of single-handedly using sniper rifles to capture military camps.。of course,This happened only recently。So it’s not surprising that they know。otherwise,I will not send snipers to stand by at the sentry tower to guard against such problems.。
The other side also took out a big speaker,“You guys wait,Let’s inform the general now!”
Finished,The sentry called。
Waited more than ten minutes,There is still no response。Liu Xing is a little impatient,“I said Brother Qin Feng,Let’s go directly!You give so much time for them to prepare,In case they prepared countless artillery,If you don’t come out, you just bomb the periphery,Then everyone on our side is in danger。Even forced to retreat!”
“Not urgent,hold on!”
By contrast,Qin Feng will appear calmer。
Because he always feels,The name Lear is familiar,But this year there are too many people with the same name and surname,So even if this barracks is called Lear Barracks,It doesn’t mean that the other party is the one Qin Feng knows。
So wait a minute!
Past again5minute,Finally a man in a general uniform walked out slowly。
“Is my brother Qin Feng here??I’m lear!If it were my brother Qin Feng,Then I am willing to surrender!Don’t talk about these people under my hands,I can even give you my life!”