“I know,Then we go early,Come back early and have a drink with my older brother-in-law,See you like this this year,It’s really weird to miss the older sisters。”Yang Weiguo also knows how to say,Just look at the attitude of the Tao’s last time,Can they mix it up with rice?。

The old lady is obviously satisfied with his answer。
Shi Yuqing heard that the third child could go back to her family,Busy looking up at the old lady expectantly,I don’t know if people’s eyes don’t even bother to give her one,She lowered her head with red eyes,Seeing Yang Laosi next to me feel distressed。
“mom,”Old Four Yang couldn’t hold back a mouth,The old lady glared at him with that fierce gaze,“Why?”
Ruthless words make Yang Laosi stagnate,His subconscious body shrank back,“No,Nothing……”Scared by the old lady, he dare not say anything,But as soon as I looked up, I saw the pitiful look of my wife,“……I,I want to ask,Is my elder sister staying at home??”
If you can live at home,They can also go early and get back early……
“do not know。What,You want to go back to her family?”The old lady saw through the careful thoughts of the fourth son,Snorted:“You look at you!Your third brother is in the first year,Your first year?Your third brother will be back after a while,You guys can come back for a while?”
Old Yang Yang drooped his head and said nothing。
Sansao’s mother came here for half an hour,His wife’s home takes five or six hours to walk,There are buses passing by in the countryside,But this Chinese New Year does not even have a car……
Tao Zhen really can’t help them with this,She is just curious:“The old lady is so indifferent to the fourth wife,Just because she has no children?”
Yang Weiguo thought for a while:“The old lady is the master,The fourth child married a wife,He is optimistic,The old lady thinks her family is poor and far away,The fourth child begged the second grandfather and the captain to help him make sense,The old lady always sees her not pleasing to her eyes,In addition, it has been more than two years since she has been through the house, and her stomach hasn’t moved even more.……”
Chapter Thirty Two Second sister is going to give away the child
Tao Zhen really understands,She comes in,The old lady didn’t hold her,So he stared back at the four daughter-in-laws again。
She can only sympathize with Shi Yuqing silently for a few seconds。