Chen Chong felt a little guilty about Hongmen’s failure to open the news channels of the island nation,After all, in his opinion,Since Hongmen can learn so much information in the capital,It stands to reason that there is such energy in island countries.。

However, Hongmen people are more resistant to learning island Mandarin,This is a question left over from history。However in this world,If the language is not available,It’s hard to be accepted。So the people in Hongmen are really helpless about the island country。
of course,Although Hongmen is everywhere in the world where Chinese people exist,。But it’s not that it’s popular everywhere。Hongmen is developing well in the United States and China.。
After listening to Chen Chong,Liu Xing was taken aback,“so,Even you Hongmen don’t know what happened, right??”
“Yes!Hongmen is not clear!”Chen Chong shook his head helplessly,“If you want to know the situation,Maybe you can only personally contact the people involved in the incident。Maybe Qin Feng will get up later,Just ask yourself。Since he has said something to you,I definitely don’t mind going into details。The premise is that he has enough sleep!”
Hear here,Liu Xing nodded,Then a few people started to drink nonsense,Not discussing business。
It was already evening when Qin Feng rose,Walk out the door,Watching the sunset,Qin Feng feels more comfortable。As if he was in the ancient clan,Looking at the scenery of the day,Qin Fengxin can let go a lot。the most important is,That feeling of hatred has been diluted a lot。
of course,Qin Feng is not a saint,Can’t speak of compassion。For Skynet,He certainly couldn’t just let it go。Let’s not say that these people participated in the Qin family’s destruction。The second is,These so-called organizations are doing ugly things,At least some people will harm many interests。
Judging from the bright side anyway,These are not good people,Just destroy it all。
And now,The spiders have been beaten to a halt,People from Skynet may show up at any time。and so,Europe does need to go,As for Liu Xing,,Just an excuse he made。
“Qin Feng,You finally figured it out!”
At this time, a grill was set up in the camp,Chen Chong and others were very happy when they saw Qin Feng coming out。
“Party,Must have a party today,Let’s play together!”Song Dixu suggested。After all, they haven’t been crazy for a long time。
“also!”Qin Feng did not refuse,Just watched things and started moving,Not only all kinds of game,And all kinds of good wine。
have to say,It feels like they are camping!