“Who notified us,In addition to normal working personnel,Go rest!”

Chairman Liu thought for a while,Call the other party again:“But you still have to pay attention,Make sure communication is unblocked during rest,Must be put into battle as soon as necessary。”
“Don’t worry, chairman,We will have a dedicated person standing in front of the communicator 24 hours a day,As long as there is something,Guaranteed to shoot immediately。”
The sky outside the room is getting drowsy,The day ends in a busy schedule,Reduced traffic on the street,The people in the whole city seem to be much calmer。
Chairman Liu rubbed his forehead,High concentration of attention these days,It is a great loss for people,He must go to rest。
Go in the room,Sleep directly in bed,As long as he is in the Warrior Association,No one can do anything to him。
Guardian with formations,Unless it’s an absolute master of asking the gods,Otherwise, no one else can do anything to him without him consciously.。
of course,Xia Chenglong is not so stupid,So at this moment, he and the other two are quietly looking at the headquarters of the association。
indeed,I want to be without Naibe’s knowledge,Destroy the branch easily,It’s difficult,But not impossible。
If the three ninth-rank martial artists who entered the holy realm at the same time,Then it can be explained very well。
President Liu will never think of it,The Warrior Association and the Fighting Tournament will also participate。
Division in four directions,Finally got a chance to breathe after a busy day,As the boss of the venue,Several warriors who have entered the holy realm are also very busy。
Suddenly increased work several times,So they don’t even have the effort to drink,And each one needs to be done by themselves。
In the South Division,Relatively empty around,The development here is not particularly comprehensive,Belongs to the new district。
As the night gets darker,There are no other people around,And at this moment,A black-robed man appeared outside instantly。
There is a throbbing gray aura on the palm,This grey aura is very strange,As if infested things will be corroded。