The hall is very empty,Without all kinds of noisy things in imagination,There are just twelve stone pillars supporting the main hall,Various lines are painted on the surrounding walls and stone pillars,Quite mysterious。

“Arrived,We have arrived!”Tu Cancan said excitedly。
“What arrived?”
“This is the final exit of the Kun character array that grandpa said,As long as we leave here, we leave the Kun character array!”
I heard Tu Cancan’s words,Xia Chenglong breathed a sigh of relief,It seems that the previous judgment is not wrong,have to say,It took a lot of work to get out of here。
“Since you know here,You should know how to get out!”Before Tu Cancan speaks,Xia Chenglong is strong again,“Don’t tell me don’t know,Tease me i squeeze you to death!”
After what happened just now,The relationship between the two seems to be a little better,I just want to get out from here。
“Of course I know,So don’t kneel down and beg me!”
Xia Chenglong is in a good mood,Walk slowly over:“Miss Tu Cancan,Do you have the courage to repeat the painting just now,I promise I won’t do it to you!”
Tu Cancan decisively recognize counsel!
Stop cattle now,Waiting to get out from here,Must make this guy pay a terrible price,She swears。
“All right,Say quickly,How to get out?”