Now there is only a little residue left,If you follow the rules,Naturally Xin Zhao won,But if you rely on defense,That black armor’s defense is enough。

“Xin Zhao,Come out,Qilin died,Tell me what move is this,Why have I never seen?”Curiosity is human nature,Even Lena can’t get rid of it。
And compared to ordinary people,She is even more powerful with Xin Zhao,Then consider whether it can be loaded onto Lieyang Civilization。
Big deal, give Xin Zhao some resource compensation,I believe Xin Zhao will agree。
Xin Zhao hiding behind a tree,of course,I heard Lena’s words,Then he stood up directly。
Don’t think too much,Although Lena is sometimes unreliable,Looks like two,But she never lied to anyone。It’s arrogant,It’s okay to say it’s reserved,Anyway, Lena at some point,not bad。
For Xin Zhao,Is giving yourself energy,When charging the baby。
Rui Mengmeng is naturally unwilling to give up,Then rushed towards Xin Zhao,Then he was knocked down by Xin Zhao as expected。
If it’s another man,Maybe it depends on the beauty of the face,Maybe give up。But Xin Zhao thinks,Men can’t lick dogs too much,No women like this。
Be strong,Men!
“Ouch,Big sister,you call me!”Carrying Rui Mengmeng,Xin Zhao came directly to Lena’s side,How well behaved like that。
And Qilin and Qiangwei looked at each other,Feel a deep shame。
‘I lost to this kind of bastard!’
Thinking like this,The two don’t want to talk anymore,Heart tired。
“What is this,And the move you just released,Can you show me more,Then what is your principle?”If you don’t know what Rena is,,Xin Zhao wonders if this guy has been crossed。
This thirst for knowledge,It’s obviously not like Lena。
But just mumbling a few words in my heart,If Xin Zhao dared to say it,,Will definitely be taught a lesson。
“Sister Lena,I researched this matter based on the principle of electromagnetic gun,My individual combat skills,Super Electromagnetic Gun!”
‘sorry,Sister Cannon,Block your skills,If you are angry,I can only agree with my body。’
“Super Electromagnetic Gun?One more shot,Let me see how it works?”