Xiao Xiao repeated these words silently over and over again,Hold your heart,Start with oil。

She is still trembling,But did not turn off,It can be seen that she worked hard before。
The car is driving,Xiao Xiao is still trembling,Speak:“Look ahead,I can’t help but imagine the picture of the car suddenly speeding up and crashing into,This is the psychological shadow。”
“Yes,In fact you know,The car won’t speed up and rush out by itself。The control of the throttle is under your feet,You won’t do that,Won’t let that happen。”Chen Wenjin added:“Go to the door in no hurry,Just drive around here for a while。……look,You drove well,The arm shaking is getting smaller and smaller,Your reason is quickly defeating the shadow。”
Xiao Xiao keeps breathing,Take a deep breath when you feel nervous,Drove like this for a while,Body is getting relaxed,The frequency of the fantasy that the car will rush out at any time in my mind is also getting lower and lower,Because she kept telling herself,The car is not controlled by a machine,But a machine controlled by her,So I won’t rush out by myself。
Drove like this for a while,Xiao Xiao’s tight state slowly became his usual stability。
The car went around for a while,Sudden acceleration!
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy gift
Sudden increase in speed,A straight ahead。
Chen Wenjin saw Xiao Xiao’s expression become nervous again,But the speed did not slow down,Still continue to give oil,Quickly move from the starting gear that was slowly opened to third gear。
When the roar of the engine is loud enough to disturb the people,The straight road is coming to an end。
The speed of the car slowed down rapidly,then,Into the bend,Passed smoothly。
Xiao Xiao’s tight heart then relaxed,Let out a long breath of relief,Got a cold sweat。
“well,You did it!”Chen Wenjin took the initiative to praise,I also appreciate Xiao Xiao being so fast、And actively overcome the last shadow。
Xiao Xiao has a smile on his face,Full of accomplishment for a while,Feel strong、very brave。
Just adapted to the shadow of driving,She decided to completely eliminate the fear caused by the accident,So quickly accelerate。When the speed was raised, she involuntarily developed fear,The illusion that disappeared a moment ago seems to reappear。
But she keeps encouraging herself:‘I can do it!I can!’