After all, between him and Tan Zetao,I didn’t get to the point of endless death。Although Tan Zetao has found someone to deal with Qin Feng several times,Even some desperadoes。But in Qin

In the eyes of the wind,Those people are not in the stream at all,the most important point is,After this product fails, Qin Fengkeng will basically be given a sum。
The last time Cen Wen brought money to Qin Feng。so,In the eyes of Qin Feng,The relationship between myself and Tan Zetao is not so rigid.。
But who can think of,I just appeared in this airport,It was actually surrounded by Tan Zetao and a group of official members。
“Ha ha,Qin Feng,I didn’t expect you to do such a big thing in the island country。Maybe you don’t know yet,Just last night,Some senior officials of the island countries are discussing with our senior officials in China,Said that you must be caught and extradited back to the island country,And then leave it to them。”Tan Zetao is now back to his former self-confidence,Because this time he feels he has the chance to win。
“I said you are stupid?Or is there a pit in your upper-level brains??After so many years,China has always been condemning the problems of island countries。of course,Once you hit certain bottom lines,China is quite tough。You said except for the people on your side,Can anyone agree to send me back?Are you a fool??”
“you,Stop scolding me as a fool。Otherwise I’m angry!”
Tan Zetao“fool”This title is very sensitive。After all, I have experienced the Qiu family battle,And he lost a lot of money after the incident of inviting the killer。
Then this incident spread out in the circle somehow。So many people call Tan Zetao a fool secretly。He also said that if it were not for the official relationship of the Tan family,,This Tan Zetao in the Gongdou drama is afraid that he will not survive three episodes。
He was very angry when he heard this,So he always wanted to prove himself。
However, some time ago, the people on their family’s side have been pressing,Don’t let Tan Zetao mess up again。So he didn’t do anything excessive。the most important is,He has nowhere to vent。
But just yesterday,He saw the news,Some officials in his family have heard about what happened to Qin Feng in the island country,I immediately felt that the opportunity had come。Then I helped fuel the flames,Even gave Qin Feng the name of a national thief。
to be frank,If it’s not because Tan Zetao is the son of their Patriarch,,Basically the things he did have been dealt with long ago。
After all,This second-generation member can only be said to be a little clever,But the pattern has always been insufficient。At least if it is replaced by the Four Great Masters in Beijing,They won’t jump like this。
Under normal circumstances,They disdain to do things that are not profitable。This is why people in the capital’s activity circle look down on the so-called sons of other places。
“Ugh,Hopeless!”Qin Feng also knows,There is no point in arguing with a fool。He didn’t want to pretend to beep at this time,Of course, I won’t do anything against these official personnel with live ammunition.。Because they are just thugs who obey orders,Don’t even have autonomy,Why should I embarrass them??
“Take down!”
Tan Zetao waved,Officials directly controlled Qin Feng。The latter is also very cooperative,Did not embarrass them。
In fact,Qin Fengye