Muscular man squatting on the floor,I want to avoid Qin Feng’s attack,But his combat effectiveness does not seem to be clearly revealed。

“Ha ha,Interesting!You still hide your strength up to now?”Although Qin Feng did not intend to attack the other party,But,Because he always felt that the other party’s hiding and coming here so abruptly, he has clearly stated one thing clearly.。
This person must be lying!
So Qin Feng doesn’t want that much,Direct burst attack!
of course,He did not kill,But logically,If the opponent does not reach the heavenly level,You should get hurt if you pick him up。If the opponent has only yellow level,That’s a big hit。And you may not be able to avoid it。
then,This tall man is a punch in turn。then,Qin Feng was beaten up instead。
The latter frowned thicker when he got up from the ground,Because it’s obvious,This is still a player with at least a heavenly strength。Even the strength is above his Qin Feng。
“Did you finally stop pretending??”Qin Feng said。
“What did i pretend,You do me,I naturally fight back!And you are attacking me from beginning to end!”Muscular man feels wronged。
of course,This watch seems to insist on saying something,It’s just a bit exaggerated。
“Shouldn’t,You are the chief of the spider,And the head of the Seven Saints,Is it just this acting and level??”Qin Feng said。of course,He is not sure,Just bluff casually,After all, if not,At best, you guessed it wrong。
after all,He is just pretending to beep now,Buggy after loading,It won’t affect him。